Great Gatherings

What is a Great Gathering?

If you are new to the school - or even if you are not - you may be asking, "Just what is a Great Gathering, anyway?"  A Great Gathering is an event, class, or party you host to bring FSM parents, students, and friends together to socialize AND raise money for the school. Sometimes, people jointly host Great Gatherings with another friend or family.

At the Gala, people sign up to participate in Great Gatherings that interest them and pay a fee to be a part of the gathering.  The amount raised from each gathering becomes a donation to the school.  At last year's Gala, the money raised from Great Gatherings came to more than $10,000!

Great Gatherings take place in homes, at a park, at school, on a ski slope, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.  

2014-15 Great Gatherings

Great Gatherings Signup for all 2014-15 is now open!  Check out all the Great Gatherings you are attending or hosting, check to see who's coming, and sign up for more events. Fill your year with fun and FSM community! Contact Jenni if you have questions about your Great Gathering.